First and foremost… I am a Christian.  I love Jesus Christ more than anything in this world.  My life and businesses are based on Biblical principles.

I am a Real Estate Investor.  I buy houses, I sell houses, I rehab houses and I rent houses.  I educated myself, sought advice from local real estate entrepreneurs and I got started.  I’ve been a real estate investor since 2009 and continue to do real estate deals today.  Please contact me if you are looking for distressed real estate or have a property you need to sell.

I am a Business Investor.  If you have seen the show The Profit or Shark Tank then you know what it is to be a business investor.  My partners and I buy broken businesses or we invest in them.  We have 20+ years combined experience in fixing broken businesses and making them more profitable.  Please contact me if you need our help.

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